• Skilled Workforce

    A skilled workforce is vital to today's economy. See how Millard County is contributing to our future. Read More
  • Energy Hub

    Several traditional and renewable energy companies made Millard County their home to take advantage of our vast solar, wind, and geothermal resources.

    Read more about Millard County's "21st century’s Hoover Dam" being built by Magnum Gas Storage on the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Watch a video about the Pathfinder Wyoming Wind Project.

    Read More
  • Mining & Manufacturing

    Millard County has vast mining and manufacturing resources at your disposal, with more awaiting your discovery. Read More
  • Transportation and Distribution

    Did you know that Millard County is strategically located, with over 60 million consumers, vendors, and partners within 24 hours' via rail or freeway?

    Find out why relocating or starting your business in Millard County makes economic sense! Read More
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